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        STOKER AQUA-BOILER 32 combines the reliability, functionality and versatility. It works effectively with any HOT-WATER HEATING SYSTEMS with forced circulation in premises up to 3444 ft2. The equipment's functionality is extended by additional options.


  • The versatility of fuel: coal, wood, electricity.
  • Efficiency: > 80%, 32kW.
  • 6'' chimney pipe adaptor is included.
  • Increased door aperture and depth of the furnace up to 24''.
  • A large volume of  a water jacket (67L) with increased heat transfer and the flow direction system (Directed Flow).
  • Operating pressures of heat transfer agent up to 3 bar.
  • Automatic traction control (optional, please, find in Accessories).
  • Adjustable thrust vector (PC - Power Controlled) with power control.
  • Connecting Electric Heating device from 3 to 9 kW (optional, please, find in Accessories).

        The heating unit is suitable for all HOT-WATER HEATING SYSTEMS, operating pressure is up to 3 atm. (0.3 MPa) and the use of an optional ELECTRIC HEATING DEVICE WITH REMOTE CONTROL, allows it to be used in a system with a high level of automation. The burner is of high capacity, a significant volume of the water jacket provides effective and long-lasting work of  device. Ergonomics and maintenance of the unit are as convenient as possible for the user.



  • The loading door has increased  size of the opening, in conjunction with the great depth of the firebox, it allows you to fill its entire volume of wood with length up to 23'' or coal (3 buckets), providing long burning from one load.
  • Self-cooling handle forms convenient ergonomics and provides safety in operation.
  • 67L water jacket with the flow direction system is installed inside the burner chamber and forms an aerodynamic protuberance, creating efficient heating and circulating of water flow due to the energy, released by the fuel combustion. The flow direction (DF - Directed Flow) applied in the design of the system to optimize the flow, excluding the "dead" zone. Connection for the hot-water heating system is on the rear wall of the boiler. Also, the water jacket under the ash drawer and the availability of support legs allows to provide additional fire safety, as the unit can be installed on any ground.
  • Aerodynamic protuberance is at the top of the burner chamber, pipes are mounted to it, the flue gases move through the pipes in the water jacket. The splitter is located above the protuberance and creates a double-flow direction system of flue gases, allowing it to divide it into the high- and low-temperature. The stream of higher temperature passes through the tubes giving up its heat to the water jacket with high efficiency. The second stream passes between the splitter and the rear wall, heating the pipe that allows you to create optimum conditions for kindling of the device.
  • Support box (optional) - is designed for the storage and drying of wood. Suitable for use with all models of AQUA series boilers. It can be used as a stand for AQUA-BOILER, creating additional comfort in operation and maintenance.
  • Bimetallic thermometer is located on the top of the boiler control panel and shows the temperature of the water jacket.
  • The damper is to control and regulate the intensity of the combustion. Most effective when used with an automatic traction control(optional).
  • Access to the ash drawer for ash removal and cleaning of the machine is carried out through an air supply door. Protecting grid is installed in the loading section to protect against combustion products. Ash removal can be performed during device operation.
  • Adjustable thrust vector (Pc - Power Controlled) controls the flue gas, forming different directions of the flue gas streams and creates different power modes of the boiler: firing mode, the nominal mode and economy mode.

            Firing mode - allows the device to get hot, quickly warm up the chimney, using the maximum power of the device.

    nominal conditions - the unit produces the nominal power at optimum efficiency (maximum use of all the heat exchange surface).

            Economy mode - creates working conditions that used 80% of the nominal power and maximum efficiency is formed (this mode is recommended if there is above-zero outdoor temperature, and the flue gas temperature is between the limits of the condensation formation in the chimney).

            Adjustable thrust vector allows you to change or combine different modes of operation, depending on the weather conditions and a desired temperature indoor.



  • Automatic traction control - provides the ability to automate the process of power control and maintain optimal operation. Adjust the combustion rate by opening or closing the air supply valve, this option provides the efficiency and stability of the device and increases its efficiency and durability.
  • Electric heating device - a capacity of up to 9 kW is used for the electric heating of the water jacket, that allows you to leave the device for a long time without the risk of water freezing in the heating system. Heater with thermostat expands the functionality of the product and allows you to automate heating process control.
  • Materials used for the manufacture of boilers provide reliability, environmental friendliness and safety. In manufacture, modern technologies of laser cutting, bending, robot welding and metal shaping are used.
  • The external appearance of the heater combines modern design and comfortable ergonomics. The combination of bright palette of gray and red color not only emphasizes the nature of the product, but it highlights the active functional areas. The layout of the working parts and control are adapted for practical use and implementation of fuel loading operations, service functions and control of boiler operation. Overall dimensions and shape make it possible to use the device in any confined spaces.

What's in the order:

  • STOKER AQUA PRO 32 BOILER (30''x39''x19''), 342lb;
  • Adapter for chimney pipes (5.1''x6'');
  • Manual.
Shipping option: Freight, flat fee.

Additional shipping charges may apply for orders from Alaska or Canada.

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